Extremelly simple: We are resellers and we sell managed dedicated servers.

If you know how to manage a server yourself, you'd better shop somewhere else - it would be cheaper for you.

What do we offer then?

We offer you dedicated servers from several datacenters that we picked up after years of hosting experience as most reliable and yet affordable. We provide you management services for those servers and we are quite skillfull in it. A mere fact that we started in 2002 and are still here confirms that we know what we are doing.

Additionally, we provide constant monitoring of the health of your servers and this not only includes availability monitoring, we also monitor CPU load, disc usage and http/ftp/smtp/mysql functionality. Most of times you do not even know that your server has problems, we fix them sooner.

Also, we get discounts on some servers you would not get yourself, so it may be cheaper to buy through us despite our margin.

Comparing to others?

Indeed you can find cheaper prices, but the performance will most probably be poor, that means: worse uptime, more hardware failures, worse uplink, slower support reaction. And you can also find better services, we are not perfect (actually we are a bit slow, so if you need momentarily support 24/7 you'd better go somewhere else), but the price will most probably be essentially higher. We are a compromise between the price and performance. And to use us or not - is up to you.


1. Before you order anything from us, consider 2 things - Terms of Acceptable Use (to be short: anything legal including adult content is allowed, anything illegal is not welcomed) and the fact that we accept only Epassporte, Webmoney or direct bank wire as payment methods. If you wish, we can negotiate other methods, but the prices will be higher than specified below.

2. Whether you purchase servers or management only, be warned: our staff will not waste their time teaching you html, htaccess, apache, linux or any other things you don't know. This is not a school. We can help you fix your servers and sites when you pay for it, but we are technicians, not teachers. Please understand that.

Other Useful sites:

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Now the goods:

Administration Services:

You can order a help of our admins even if you do not purchase our servers. They can tweak your server, they can hunt problems you cannot find, they can help you with installations of new sofware, etc. If you need assistance, please contact us. We charge $20 per hour. Time is estimated before the work begins. Payment in front if we don't know you. Money back, if we cannot solve the problem. As simple as that.


These configurations are most used, but we have others, please contact us if you need something different. Be warned that some of the configs may not be available at the moment exactly as described, some slight variations in hardware and prices are possible.

Metered Bandwidth:

AMD Athlon™ XP 2200
1 x 80GB HD
2000GB monthly transfer
No setup fee
$160 monthly

AMD Athlon™ 2600 MP (dual core)
2 x 80GB HD
2000GB monthly transfer
No setup fee
$200 monthly

Intel Core™ 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz
250GB HD
2000 GB monthly transfer
$49.00 setup fee
$220 monthly

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 4200+
2 x 160GB HD
2000GB monthly transfer
$49.00 setup fee
$250 monthly

Unmetred Bandwidth:

Xeon™ 3050
20 Mbit Unmetered ( uplink)
$49.00 setup fee
400 EUR montly (warning! it's not USD, it's EUR)

Xeon™ Dual Core 5110
50 Mbit Unmetered ( uplink)
$99.00 setup fee
850 EUR montly (warning! it's not USD, it's EUR)

Quad Core X3220
2x300 GB SAS 15.000 rpm RAID
50 Mbit Unmetered (Level 3 uplink)
$99.00 setup fee
$1050 USD montly
($900 USD montly with Cogent uplink)

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